Lannie Rae Gourmet

Maple & Pecan | Pancake & Waffle Mix



A truly Canadian experience, the flavours of maple and pecan will roll across your tastebuds just like a lumberjack dances along his fallen lumber logs. Grab your plaid apron and whip up some flapjacks, eh!

SIZE | 385g. Each mix contains approximately 2 cups of mix that can be used in one batch or extended to two uses. 

INGREDIENTS | Enriched unbleached white flour, granulated sugar, whole oats, baking powder, salt, natural dried flavouring, chopped pecans & nutmeg.

NOTES | While the standard instructions for making the mixes calls for eggs, butter and buttermilk, any of these ingredients can be replaced with choice alternatives according to desired diet or to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

**This mix CONTAINS nuts - pecans & nutmeg. 

Handmade in Cochrane, Alberta.

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