5 Reasons to Send a Gift Box–Other Than a Birthday!

There are so many reasons to send a gift box, and in today’s article we’re outlining five of them!

Gifting is a way to express your love for someone, show gratitude, provide a release for stress and anxiety, show appreciation, and so much more. 

With that being said, let’s jump right into the kinds of occasions we think warrant a gift box or two:

Reason #1: The “Thinking of You” Gift 

The “thinking of you gift” can be applied to any situation. Whether it be for an old friend or colleague you haven’t seen for months, a family member going through a difficult time, or someone you’d just like to cheer up with a gift box, there’s no wrong time to send this type of gift!

When you give someone a gift that shows you’re thinking about them, you’re not only showing them that you care–  you are also investing in their well-being. 

Need inspiration? Our Spring Spa Box is the perfect choice to help someone relax and revitalize. 

Reason #2: The “Congratulations!” Gift 

Nothing celebrates an accomplishment or big milestone better than a “congratulations” gift. When you give someone a congratulatory gift, you’re recognizing the hard work and long hours they’ve put in have finally paid off. 

Gifts that are thoughtful and personalized show that you took the time to choose something special and customized it to their liking. 


  • A graduation
  • A new business
  • A wedding
  • A home
  • Anything in between!

Reason #3: The “New Mama” Gift 

For nine months, a woman carries and protects a new life as it grows inside her. A baby shower and after the birth is when people bring gifts for the newborn… but not a lot of people remember to celebrate the mother herself!

A gift for the new mama shows that not only are you thinking about her baby, but you’re also thinking about her self-care as well. Our Newborn Gift Box includes gifts for mama and baby, making it our go-to for new (and not-so-new!) moms.

Reason #4: The “Special Event” Gift 

Special events can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations… the list goes on and on!

If it’s a special event, the gifts themselves should also be special. You want the gift recipient to be able to look back on the day of the special event with fondness when they look at your gift. 

People always remember how you made them feel, and the same can be said for the gifts you give them.

Reason #5: The “Job Well-Done” Gift 

There are numerous occasions where a “job well-done” gift is in order. 

From your kids achieving good grades in school to someone getting their dream job, the “job well-done” gift shows someone that you are proud of them, you support them and will continue to do so. 

Is there a better feeling that someone showing you that they’re proud of you?  

There’s truly always a reason to celebrate with Miller Box Co. 

Gifting isn’t just for holidays and birthdays, but can take place year-round– and we’ve got you covered at Miller Box Co. Build your own box or shop our curated gift box collection today for any reason!

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